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Spesifikasi Step One

(Oli Hidrolik and Lubricant Oil System)

Product Description

Oil Soluble Cleaner

Step One is a powerful, solvent free, in-process, oil-soluble cleaner specifically formulated to remove varnish, carbon, sludge, and small amounts of water from petroleum and synthetic PAO oil systems. The Step One product contains a blend of detergents that target tenacious carbon and varnish deposits. It also contains ingredients that tie up free floating particulates and water. This allows for effective removal of these containments from the system with a simple oil change.

Key Properties

  • In-process, cleans while your equipment works eliminating costly downtime
  • Completely oil-soluble, works with existing oil
  • Clean systems reduce friction and thus power requirements, lowering operating cost
  • Clean systems help to ensure that lubrication is carried effectively to critical components, lowering likelihood of costly mechanical failure
  • Contains powerful rust inhibitors to ensure oxidation protected clean surfaces
  • Very cost effective at only 5 to 10% usage
  • Eliminates the need for harsh costly solvent based cleaners
  • Prolongs oil life, eliminating contamination of fresh oil by dirty system

Use Instructions

The Step One cleaner is designed for use as an additive at 5% to 10% concentration in oil, to clean: Hydraulic Systems, Gearboxes, Automatic and Manual Transmissions, Air Compressors, Bowser Sumps in Paper Mills, Vacuum Pumps, Chains, Bearings, Reservoirs, Air Line Valves and Heat Transfer Systems. Not for Ammonia Compressors.


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